Thai Traditional  Ice Cream Containers and Kiosks

-1 set includes a mini counter for toppings and accessories and  Thai traditional  ice cream container.

-Ice cream tub temperature  -25 degree Celsius.

-Capacity:20 kilograms.

-Food grade stainless steel.

-Compressor 5400 BTU.

-Mini counter size 44x 86 x57 cm.

- Ice Cream container,diameters: 45 cm. Height including wheel 74 cm. /tube,diameters: 25 cm, height 64 cm.

-weight 15 kilogrames

-wheels for moving

-Warranty:1 year from manufacturer.

- Made in Thailand,Thailand products.

More info:E-mail : /  WhatsApp:+66 91 882 1476 /+66 94 539 2469


950 US $

*** Remark

- Ice Cream Container only ,not include shipment fee.

 -Provide cross border shipping operation in case of customer need by reliable International shipping companies.

 -Service with reasonable and actual  price  without  over surcharge.


  • Body

  • Storage box

  • Counter for toppings

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