Thai Ice Cream  Machine

-Fully Automatic Ice Cream Machine: FAIM.

-Capacity: 20 kilograms per 20-40 minutes per time.

-Ice cream temperature   -9  Celsius, freezing canister temperature   -40 degrees Celsius.

-Body and equipment made from food grade stainless steel.

-Mixing paddle made from food grade stainless steel and Polyethylene,safe plastic for food and drink.

-Easy to operate with easy tool panel.

-Maintaining ice cream temperature mode to prevent ice cream melting.

-Easy cleaning with well designed draining system.

- Easy to move by 4 wheels.

-designed to use for both indoor and outdoor.



 - Freezing canister (Container) size 36 x 36 cm.

 - Body Machine size 76 x 92 x 93 cm.

 -Weight 180 kilograms. 

 - Compressor 25000 BTU

-Motor: 220 Volt

-1.50 horse power

-Reduction gear

-  5 ,15 amp and 3-phase power current 

-Circuit Breaker 30 amp.

-Power plug and socket.

- Warranty: 1 year

- Thai products,made in Thailand

 5,200 US $


- Ice Cream Machine price only , not shipment included.

-Provide cross border shipping operation in case of customer need by reliable International shipping companies.

-Service with reasonable and actual  price  without  over surcharge.


Tel. 6681-549-3659 / 6694-539-2469 ID LINE : titinant

 Tel.6681-449-8965 ID LINE : phanitjai



  • Body

  • Control Panel

  • Transparent Lid

  • Movable paddle

  • Canister temp

  • Ice cream temp

  • Power plug & socket

  • English Manual

  • 1 year warranty

  • Coconut milk ice cream

  • Taro Coconut Milk Ice Cream

  • Thai Tea Ice Cream

  • Chocholate Ice Cream

  • Ice cream from Our Machine

  • Ice cream from Our Machine

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